In addition to the beautiful blue sea, natural beauty, rich culture and excellent delicacies, this beautiful peninsula is also famous for its wines. Many years of experience in winemaking has led to a diverse range of quality wines that people come to taste from around the world, and these following ones are some that are rated as the best.

This red, dry wine with a ruby color has a thick consistency and contains 14.3% alcohol. It gives off aromas of cloves, coffee, smoke, cinnamon, currants and raspberries. It goes best with grilled red meat, haute cuisine meat sauces, and feathered game with white Istrian truffles. According to expert assessments, Meneghetti Red has great aging potential.
Malvazija is one of the most famous Istrian wines. This golden dry wine has a very distinctive taste. Malvazija La Prima is a white wine aged for 12 months in a wooden barrel. This wine has won various awards three years in a row, so in 2015 it won a gold medal at Decanter’s world evaluation, while in 2017, at the same competition, this wine was awarded a silver award. Malvazija La Prima from 2016 was also rated as the “ Best in the show” in the Vinistra competition. The gastronomic recommendation for this wine is with seafood, pasta dishes and flavored cheeses.
The selection of the best Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran grapes makes this wine truly special with an inimitable taste. It is characterized by a ruby red color and an intense flavor with a hint of wood and roasted coffee beans. This wine was aged for 18 months in oak barrique barrels, and then another 6 months in stainless steel. It is best drunk with game, red meat or hard cheeses. It also has an aging potential of 10 years.
At the World of Malvasia competition held in Plava Laguna, the Santa Lucia Malvasia from 2018. won the title of the best Malvasia in the world, this wine also won the award for the best wine at the Vinistra competition in 2022. It has the potential to be kept for at least 10 years, and it is made from 100% Malvasia grapes. This Malvasia is dry and has a creamy texture, it goes best with a warm main dish, mushroom risotto, pasta, fish with creamy sauces and the like.
Red wine with aromas of carob, forest fruit and cinnamon is also one of the must-try wines while in Istria. The 2018 vintage won first place for red blended wine at the 2022 Vinistra competition. Recommendations for this wine are with a rich and intensely spicy dish and with a red meat dish.
Fine aroma with characteristic notes of pineapple and banana make this wine one of the most special in Istria, and it justifies the first place in the Chardonnay wine category in Vinistra in 2022. In addition to the high concentration of sugar in this wine, there is also an optimal concentration of acids that puts everything in balance.
The brick color mixed with ruby red tones is specific to this wine. The quality of this Teran is also indicated by the fact that it did very well at Decanter’s world competition, so it was awarded a gold medal for the 2017 vintage, a silver one for 2016, and a bronze medal for the 2015 vintage. The wine was aged for 24 months in a wooden barrique barrel and enchants with the aroma of notes of roasted fruit, smoke and dark chocolate. It is recommended with barbecue, roasts, game, dark meat, kulen, prosciutto and stronger cheeses.
Istrian Malvasia Alba is a typical Istrian wine. Its taste is reminiscent of bitter almonds and it has a slightly accentuated minerality and captivates with a fruity aroma. It comes to the fore during autumn and winter and lasts longer than other wines. It is excellent for sipping at receptions, and as far as gastronomy is concerned, it has a wide range of uses.
This dark red wine is a blend of Teran and Syrah. Dark berries and cedar make this Istrian wine special and inevitable to try when you visit Istria. This unique combination is intended for true wine lovers who know how to appreciate this unique taste. Recommended with mature cheese, lamb, beef and spicy food.
We can say that this Malvasia is special, for the reason that new methods were used for its creation, and not just the old ones. Meaning, since 2017, this Malvasia has been produced exclusively in stainless steel with a fine sediment and longer contact. Wine takes on more complex aromas, and for this reason fruit aromas are better matched with wine. Precisely because of the uniqueness of this Malvasia, the gastronomic recommendations are more special, so it is recommended with Japanese tempura, breaded clams, fresh seafood, octopus meatballs and especially with seafood risotto.