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Medulin - Istria sandy beach oasis

Medulin isn't just a town; it's a holiday experience. Known for its sandy beaches and rich history, Medulin offers much more than a typical coastal getaway.

Discover Medulin's Richness

Medulin, along with nearby places like Ližnjan, Šišan, Premantura, and Banjole, offers a diverse landscape that is sure to captivate any traveler. From sandy beaches to the nature reserve of Kamenjak, Medulin has something for everyone. Fun fact: Even dinosaurs found Kamenjak captivating!

Renting a holiday home with a pool in Medulin means immersing yourself in the multifaceted beauty of Istria. Beyond the coastline, active recreation opportunities are plenty, both on the sea and inland.

Why Families Love Medulin

Medulin has a special place in many hearts, especially families. Its child-friendly attractions and ambiance make it a favorite. Children who visit often cherish memories that bring them back as adults.

Recent years have seen Medulin grow, with new shopping centers ensuring visitors have everything they need for their stay. Additionally, entertainment in Medulin has seen a boost, attracting even those from the larger city of Pula.

Whether you seek the lively vibe of a bustling resort or a tranquil evening by your private pool, Medulin caters to both.

Local Tastes and Delights

Your visit isn't complete without savoring the local tastes. Wineries like Trapan in Šišan offer tastings that introduce you to Istria's rich wine culture. Olive oil producers add another layer to this culinary adventure. Moreover, some of the best traditional restaurants of Istria can be found in Medulin, offering quality food at great value.

In Conclusion

Choosing a villa with a pool in Medulin offers more than just accommodation. It's an invitation to experience a rich culture, delightful cuisine, and the authentic charm of Istria. With Wiibuk, your perfect Medulin escape is just a booking away.


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