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Umag, positioned as the Northern Gateway to the sun-kissed Istrian Peninsula, effortlessly captivates every traveler's heart with its multifaceted appeal, rich heritage, and vibrant offerings. A synthesis of coastal beauty and fertile hinterland, Umag offers a refreshingly unique Mediterranean experience, distinct from the usual.

Umag's Essence

Home to approximately 13,000 inhabitants, this town pulsates with life, enriched by the region's thriving tourism, bountiful agriculture, flourishing olive groves, and prolific vineyards. As the first city encountered when heading south into Istria, Umag sets an enchanting precedent for what the peninsula has in store.

A Beach Lover's Paradise

Embracing the Adriatic Sea with its sprawling 45 km long coastline, Umag boasts some of Istria's pristine Blue Flag beaches, an international certification heralding the cleanest waters and best facilities. Beach enthusiasts will find solace in renowned spots like Katoro, Aurora, Kanegra, and Laguna Stella Maris. These shimmering shores, kissed by the sun, serve as perfect getaways for families, couples, and solace seekers.

For the avid campers, Umag's verdant camping parks, especially the eco-centric one replete with indigenous flora, offer a nature-centric respite from the bustling city life.

A Hub for Exploration

Umag isn't just a destination in itself; it's a stepping stone to discovering more of Istria's magic. Proximity to historic towns like Rovinj, Poreč, and Pazin ensures that adventurers have a plethora of excursions to indulge in, each promising unique memories amidst nature and history.

Experience Umag with Wiibuk

For those craving an authentic Istrian experience, Wiibuk’s selection of "Villas with pool in Umag" and "Holiday Homes with pool in Umag" promises unparalleled comfort. Whether it's a cozy villa overlooking the Adriatic or a spacious holiday home nestled amidst olive groves, your perfect retreat awaits.


Umag, with its harmonious blend of coastal allure and hinterland charm, beckons travelers for an unmatched Istrian vacation. Let Wiibuk be your guide and home in this Mediterranean paradise. Book now and craft memories for a lifetime.


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