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Porec - one of the most popular resorts in Croatia

The Porec to the most popular resorts of the Istrian peninsula, and thus also the entire Croatia, is known. That you all possibilities of recreation, festivals, concerts and sports events in Porec the best can be organized in the summer in Porec enjoy his own rented holiday house with pool near Porec, less. Here you have everything. Sun, sea, entertainment, all possibilities of more active pursuits, history, sights (also UNESCO Heritage Site), the most modern water park in Croatia, and more. One can enjoy the whole range and the bustling village with the certainty that one can at any time withdraw with partners, family or friends to quiet barbecue evening on the terrace of the holiday house with pool and also have to look for a parking space. Shopping for local and well-known treats abound in and around Poreč. So self catering is not a problem. When the Internet usage in your villa with pool there are no restrictions, you can therefore also inform themselves easily to all events and happenings in Porec. Take out about local wines and olive oils also have the opportunity. Tastings are either free or cost only a small amount and you can not only know the product, but also people and customs of the peninsula. Poreč is located on the west coast of Istria and Poreč and at the Poreč Riviera booked villa with pool is located just 6.5 hours from Munich and 8.5 hours drive from Stuttgart. Austrians have shorter distances. The Stassen are all the way very well. The kilometer-long, fun-filled beaches along the coast of the Riviera Porec are among the finest in the country, and as well as along the entire coast of Istria, can be also secluded coves with crystal clear blue see. At many beaches can also enjoy sunset with a freshly made cocktail.

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