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Porec - one of the most popular resorts in Croatia

Poreč stands proud as one of Croatia's most popular resort destinations, especially on the picturesque Istrian peninsula. Visitors are continuously drawn to its rich blend of history, vibrant festivals, concerts, sports events, and of course, its sun-kissed coastlines.

Unwind in Poreč in Your Own Style

What better way to immerse yourself in the lively spirit of Poreč than from the comfort of a privately rented holiday home with pool? As you explore the town's myriad offerings - from UNESCO heritage sites to the country's most modern water park - you can return to your villa to bask under the sun, take a refreshing dip, or perhaps enjoy a quiet barbecue evening with loved ones.

Every Convenience at Your Fingertips

Self-catering becomes a delightful experience in Poreč, with a plethora of local markets and shops brimming with familiar and exotic treats. The convenience doesn't stop there. With unrestricted internet access in our villas, you can easily stay informed about Poreč's upcoming events and attractions.

Taste the Essence of Istria

Make your trip even more memorable by indulging in tastings of local wines and olive oils. Often free or available for a nominal fee, these tastings offer insights not only into the rich flavors of Istria but also its people and traditions.

A Journey Worth Taking

Whether you're traveling from Munich, just 6.5 hours away, or Stuttgart, a mere 8.5-hour drive, the journey to your villa with pool in Poreč is scenic and smooth. For Austrians, the voyage is even shorter. Upon arrival, the sprawling beaches of the Poreč Riviera greet you with their beauty. Whether you're in the mood for bustling beachside fun or seeking out secluded coves with pristine blue waters, Poreč has it all. And as the day concludes, imagine sipping on a freshly-made cocktail, watching the sun set over the horizon.

In Conclusion

Poreč isn't just a destination; it's an experience waiting to be lived. With Wiibuk, you can dive deep into the heart of Poreč, ensuring every moment of your vacation shines as brightly as this Croatian jewel.


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