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Marčana – beautiful small village in central Istria

Tucked away in the heart of central Istria, Marčana emerges as a tranquil retreat for those eager to experience authentic Istrian life. Just 15 km from the bustling city of Pula, this charming village brings together age-old heritage and the serenity of untouched nature.

Historical Foundations

Marčana stands as a testament to the region's rich history, built upon the remnants of prehistoric ruins. As you stroll through its lanes, the ancient cemetery whispers tales of bygone eras, while the stone houses, symbolic of traditional rural architecture, echo the craftsmanship and culture of their ancestors.

A Hub for Recreation

Though not a coastal village, Marčana doesn't fall short in offering avenues for relaxation and recreation. The nearby Loborika boasts of a renowned equestrian center, inviting both amateurs and skilled riders to revel in horseback adventures across scenic trails. And after an invigorating ride, the authentic Istrian tavern in the vicinity promises to satiate your culinary cravings with local delicacies.

For those who are drawn to the thrill of the hunt, Marčana's lush landscapes serve as prime grounds, offering both challenge and reward.

Stay with Wiibuk in Marčana

If you've set your sights on an Istrian escape that promises both adventure and tranquility, Wiibuk's holiday homes and villas with pools in Marčana are your ideal refuge. Crafted to perfection, our accommodations offer the best of modern comforts nestled in the embrace of Marčana's rustic charm.


Marčana beckons you to experience Istria beyond its coastal allure. With history, nature, and leisure interwoven seamlessly, this central Istrian gem is a haven for travelers in search of the unique and the unexplored. And with Wiibuk, you're assured of an unforgettable stay that brings Istria's heart closer to yours. Book your dream vacation now!


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