Everyone already knows that Istria has some of the best gourmet delicacies in Croatia. This magical region is known precisely for its top specialties, olive oil, wines and truffles.
Considering that there are many restaurants and taverns in Istria for the above-mentioned reason, below we will list only some of the best restaurants in Istria in our opinion.

    Beautiful Batelina tavern is located in Banjole, not far from Pula – one of the most important and most visited cities in Istria. Owner and chef David Skoko delights with fish appetizers that are always served with a touch of creativity. Konoba Batelina is known for its fish delicacies, and it is special that the delicacies are prepared from fresh fish from the daily catch, considering that the owner’s family has been engaged in fishing for many years. The fact that it has a Michelin star recommendation also speaks of the excellence of this charming tavern, and that alone guarantees that you will eat some of the best delicacies in your life. It is important to note that if you want to eat at Batelin, you must reserve a table a few days in advance and take cash because they do not accept cards.
    This interesting tavern is located in the small town of Valbandon, which is located between Pula and Fazana. The tavern has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and you will certainly feel comfortable during your stay in the tavern. The menu includes homemade pasta, game ravioli, homemade pasta with prosciutto and other various delicacies. The specialty of the house is the ravioli “Alla Beccaccia" – ravioli made from gnocchi dough, stuffed with sausages, and red radicchio, with a sauce of four types of cheese and fried sage in olive oil. This enchanting tavern is on the Michelin guide of the best restaurants in Istria and is also the winner of the Bib Gourmand award.
    Agli Amici is a reputable restaurant located in one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Istria – Rovinj. The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the sea and you can enjoy the enchanting ambiance during your stay. The renowned Italian chef Emanuelle Scarello has designed three tasting menus that delight all visitors. This restaurant was opened according to the model of the restaurant of the same name located in Northern Italy and is one of the most famous and appreciated in that area. The fact that it received a Michelin star in the first year of its opening also speaks of the excellence of this restaurant.
    A unique restaurant with an unusual appearance is also located in Rovinj – a beautiful fishing town that has become a popular tourist destination around the world and whose charming little streets hide many surprises. This restaurant with a unique and beautiful ambiance is located in old Rovinj, in the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. Euphemia. The dishes are as creative as the decorated interior, and the excellent delicacies are mostly based on Istrian ingredients. In addition to the delicacies, it is certainly important to praise the large selection of Istrian wines, which, along with the delicacies, delight gastronomic enthusiasts. It should also be mentioned that the Monte restaurant is the first Croatian restaurant to receive a Michelin star, which can be a guarantee for the excellent delicacies you will taste at the Monte restaurant.
    Restaurant San Rocco is located in the picturesque, small Istrian village of Brtonigla, which is only a few kilometers from the sea. The restaurant is located in the area of the former wine cellar since winemaking was the owner’s family business. The restaurant is ruled by friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere, and all aspects have a certain amount of elegance. The menu consists of two five-course menus that change according to the season. The menu is dominated by traditional Istrian delicacies, and the wine list includes 250 labels from the entire region and beyond. We definitely recommend a visit to this charming restaurant in beautiful Brtonigla, whose excellence is confirmed by the fact that it was included in the Michelin Guide.