If you decide to travel to Istria, you cannot leave it without trying some of these Istrian dishes if you want the full magical experience that this picturesque peninsula offers.

  1. Truffle frittata
    Everyone is well aware that one of the greatest gastronomic treasures of the Istrian region is the truffle, so no one is surprised when it is on the list. This simple but excellent dish is prepared by first putting eggs in the pan, and then gradually adding thin slices of truffle and other spices.
  2. Lamb under the rack
    Peka, or as they say in Istria, čripnja can be explained as a metal lid that is needed to prepare this dish. The pot containing primarily the lamb, mixed with vegetables and potatoes and seasoned with olive oil and spices as desired, is covered with a lid and placed in the hearth.
  3. Istrian ombolo and sausages with sauerkraut
    Pre-baked ombolo and sausages are served with sauerkraut previously stewed in wine and baked potatoes. This dish is one of the most popular in Istria and can be found in every restaurant or tavern.
  4. Fuji with truffles
    Although any dish containing truffles must be great, the combination of Istrian fuji pasta and truffles is one of the best and most loved in this Mediterranean region. Fuži can be made with white or black Istrian truffle, but care should be taken because in many cases the dish is not made with real truffles but with truffle oil or so called tartufata, which simply does not make the dish as good as the original recipe.
  5. Mussels
    One of the most popular shells in this area. The excellent and specific taste has delighted visitors of Istria for many years. They can be eaten alone, together with pasta and in many other variations.
  6. Istrian Boškarin
    Although this meat is rather more demanding to process and prepare due to its toughness, boškarin was mostly served as a sauce on top of pasta or gnocchi. However, lately it can be found as steak, boškarin tail (soup or different sauces) and many other variations. Istrian boškarin meat is specific to Istria, and you won’t try something like this anywhere else, so don’t leave this beautiful peninsula without trying this specific delicacy.
  7. Istrian jota
    Istrian jota is made from beans, sauerkraut or turnips, potatoes, bacon, ribs, onions and garlic, and all ingredients are seasoned with other selected spices. Due to the simple ingredients used to make Istrian jota, it was considered a poor man’s dish in the past. In addition to Istria, this dish is also popular in parts of Slavonia and north -eastern Italy and other parts that were under the former rule of Austria-Hungary. This dish used to be an excellent defense against illness and cold.
  8. Istrian Maneštra
    We can say that maneštra is the Istrian version of the Italian minestrone soup. Maneštra is a thick soup similar to stew, and some of the ingredients for its preparation are dried meat, beans and spring corn. There are many variations, so you can add more ingredients such as carrots, celery, etc.
  9. Chicken chews
    Traditional Istrian chicken gumbo is served with homemade fudge or polenta. It can be described as a thick stew, although the preparation is slightly different, but this traditional dish has its roots in the Italian guazzetto. Although today there are variations with lamb and veal, Istrian zgvacet is traditionally always made with chicken.
  10. Frittata with asparagus
    Wild Istrian asparagus can be found everywhere in Istria, and they have a specific and slightly bitter taste. They are considered very healthy and are often added to some dishes. This dish is prepared by mixing asparagus with eggs and other additives and spices as desired.