One of the things that Istria is known for internationally is olive oil. The inhabitants of Istria have been engaged in olive growing and olive oil production for many years, and many families have decided to continue nurturing this tradition even now.

One of these families is the owner of the Brist Olive grove tours. This small family is engaged in olive growing and olive oil production, and in addition, they give tours of olive groves and educate people who want to know more.

Brist Olive is located in Vodnjan on the slopes where ancient Romans built their villas in the past. They chose those places because of the better air quality at a higher altitude, excellent conditions for growing olives, and of course the beautiful view of Brijuni. But, apart from the olden times, even today numerous holiday villas with private pools for rent on the slopes will certainly leave you breathless.

Due to the numerous benefits of these hills in terms of olive growing, Brist Olive decided to settle in this area.

The specialty of these olive groves is that, in addition to production and sales, this small family offers tours through the olive groves and educates everyone interested. Tours are held throughout the year.

As for tours, visitors have two options: “Olive Grove Walking Tour" and “Evening under Olives".

“Olive Grove Walking Tour" is a walking tour that takes place throughout the year. It lasts 2 hours and includes product tastings in the store. The tour includes walking through the olive grove, which is led by one of the family members, Lena or Paul. The tour includes a visit to the chapel of St. Margherita from the 13th century. There is no additional charge for product tasting in the store.

Prices: adults – 20.00 euros, teenagers – 12.50 euros, children – 7.50 euros, and children up to 4 years old don’t need to pay.

Brist Olive Grove Tours

“Evening under Olives" – this tour takes place a few days a week only in summer and has a limited number of places. It lasts 3 hours. The tour starts in the evening, and first there is a tour through the olive grove and a visit to the chapel of St. Margherita from the 13th century. The walking part is followed by dinner and relaxation with traditional food and champagne and good company.

Prices: adults – 40.00 euros, teenagers – 25.00 euros, children – 15.00 euros, and children up to 4 years old don’t need to pay.

Evening Under Olives

If during your vacation you want to go on a good trip and learn something more about olive growing in Istria, we definitely suggest a Brist Olive Grove Tour.

Also, if you are looking for enchanting accommodation near Vodnjan, there are holiday villas with private swimming pools nearby, and we guarantee that you will find exactly the one you want.