Magical islands and islets, beautiful beaches and bays and other immense beauties of Istria have delighted visitors for many years. But, apart from all the coastal beauties, the underwater world of the Adriatic hides magical scenes that you should definitely see.

During your stay in Istria, in addition to sunbathing on beautiful beaches and drinking excellent cocktails in beach bars, we definitely suggest that you dare to go diving in the beautiful Adriatic and discover the magical underwater world.

The coast of Istria is characteristically rocky, which is a real delight for lovers of diving. The Adriatic Sea is popular for divers because of the beautiful scenes hidden below the surface of the water and the unique marine vegetation. Therefore, below we suggest some of the wonderful places for diving in Istria that will leave you breathless with their beauty.

Brijuni is one of the eight National Parks in Croatia and is known for its immense beauty and rich history. But the underwater world around the Brijuni Islands is a magical sight due to the crystal sea, indented coast, attractive flora and fauna and various protected species that are found below the surface of the water. On the eastern side of Veli Brijun, there is also an interesting diving trail 500 meters long, where the remains of a Roman villa from the 1st century BC can be found in the seabed of Vertige Bay.

The three most attractive diving locations in Brijuni are: Sv. Jerolim, Peneda, Grunj.

Cape Kamenjak is another protected area in Istria that attracts attention with its immense natural beauty. The beautiful coast stretches for approximately 30 km and hides a number of beautiful beaches, coves and natural beauties. The combination of untouched nature, rocks and crystal clear sea leaves visitors breathless. But that is not even the best part of this beautiful Nature Park. In addition to everything mentioned, Cape Kamenjak has many underwater caves, passageways and beautiful vegetation and flora and fauna that hides under the surface of the water, which offers diving enthusiasts a magical experience of the Istrian undersea.

ROVINJ – Baron Gautsch wreck
Near Rovinj there is one of the most famous wrecks of the Northern Adriatic – the wreck of the ship Baron Gaustch. Baron Gaustch was an Austrian passenger ship that was built in 1908 and sank in 1914. Now the ship stands in the depths of the Adriatic and serves as a home for various fish and marine animals, as well as an underwater attraction. Every year on August 13, on the occasion of the sinking anniversary, a memorial diving and wreath-laying ceremony is held in honor of the victims of this great tragedy.
For visitors looking for something more exciting than studying the underwater flora and fauna, we suggest you go diving with the magnificent wreck of the Baron Gaustch and see a reminder of a bygone era. It is certainly important to note that diving is possible only in the organization of diving centers.

In addition to these, there are many other places throughout Istria that are perfect for diving and worth exploring. Therefore, don’t wait, grab your mask and start exploring what is hidden under the surface of the Adriatic Sea.