It is known that Istria is special and worth a visit, from beautiful nature to superb gastronomy – Istria has it all. Truffles, olive oil, and Malvasia are just some of the most famous things that made Istria known around the world. But, apart from Teran, biska, and Malvazija, the inhabitants of Istria are fans of another drink that is characteristic for this part of beautiful Croatia.

Are you wondering what is the drink that delights the young and old population of the largest peninsula in Croatia? It is Pasareta.

Pasareta is an intensely red non-alcoholic drink made from sugar, water and fruit flavoring. It is produced by the Ferencic family from Pazin, which has been producing non–alcoholic drinks since 1924, and Pasareta is certainly the most popular drink in their assortment. Everyone has a drink that they can take a sip of, and it brings them back to their childhood, for the inhabitants of Istria it is Pasareta.

The Ferencic family never invested in marketing, nor did they have expensive advertisements related to this drink, but the popularity of Pasareta is certainly immense, and word of mouth contributes the most to this.

It is also very interesting that this drink exists only in Istria, and you cannot buy or order it in a bar in other parts of Croatia, which is another one of the charms of Pasareta.

Therefore, if you are spending your vacation in Istria, Pasareta is definitely one of the things you must try in order to get the full experience of this magical region located in the western part of Croatia.