The sea, rich history and natural beauty are some of the main reasons why tourists visit this picturesque peninsula located in the north of the Adriatic, but gastronomy is also one of the indispensable factors that completes the magic of Istria.

Istrian gastronomy contains the characteristics of the climatic and geographical features of this region. Variety of rulers and different cultures in Istria also left their mark on gastronomy and created Istrian cuisine as we know it today. Although there was an intertwining of various cuisines and cultures, the greatest influence was left by Italian cuisine.

The combination of Mediterranean and continental cuisine, which provides variety and balance, make this part of Croatia a gastronomic phenomenon at the world level. Starting with the inevitable seafood, fish and crabs, you should also pay attention to Istrian prosciutto, cheese, ombolo, manestra, wild asparagus omelet and other delicacies of continental Istria.

Mentioning the gastronomy of the largest Croatian peninsula, Istrian truffles, olive oil and a wide range of quality wines are an indispensable part.

The fact that guests for whom gastronomy is one of the most important aspects of their trip choose Istria as their destination also speaks of the uniqueness and excellence of the food.