It goes without saying that everyone wants to remember every trip they went on, and it is a common practice for people to return from trips full of souvenirs for themselves and their loved ones to whom they want to bring at least a part of the spirit of the location of their choice closer to them. If you come from Russia, it is normal that you will bring back a babushka, from Japan a fan, from the Netherlands their traditional clogs, from Australia a boomerang and the like.

But what should you bring back from your trip to Istria? Below we list some of the best Istrian souvenirs that will remind you of the beautiful memories from this region, which is known for its unique beauty and superb gastronomy.

One of the things that Istria is most famous for is definitely the truffle, which is considered the gourmet jewel of this beautiful peninsula. Istria is full of truffles and gastronomic lovers have been visiting it for many years just to taste them. The most popular and appreciated are definitely the truffles from Motovun. This is an ideal souvenir to take from Istria, considering that it is unique and characteristic of this region. However, be careful because truffles of questionable quality are sold in many souvenir shops, and if you want a quality Istrian truffle, we suggest you buy it from the most famous truffle seller in Istria – Zigante.

Istrian olive oil is considered one of the best in the whole world. Istria is known for its olive oil throughout Croatia and beyond. It is simply unavoidable not to taste olive oil during a visit to Istria. Olive oil is an ideal and original Istrian souvenir, and if you decide to buy it, you can’t be wrong.

This plant with a beautiful appearance and a pleasant intense smell can be found all over Istria. It beautifies every place where it is and gives it a certain amount of life. It is used for various purposes and has been used by the local population in everyday use for many years. You can find it at every step, and you can buy lavender and lavender products in almost every souvenir shop and various shops. If you return from Istria with lavender as a souvenir, every time you smell it, it will bring back memories of this beautiful part of Croatia.

Wine is an important and integral part of the Istrian tradition, and a large number of local residents are engaged in its production. It is known all over the world that Istria has some of the best wines, and wine lovers come from various parts of the world exclusively to taste them. If you want to return from your trip with a unique souvenir, we suggest that you take home a top-quality Malvazija or Muscat that is produced in this region, also known as Croatian Tuscany.

Another traditional Istrian product is Istrian brandy or better known as “rakija”. Rakija is a strong Istrian drink that is similar to the Italian grappa. It is an integral part of the Istrian culture, and is also used by local residents as a medicine in many cases. This alcoholic drink is unique and must be tasted as part of the whole experience, but you must be careful as brandy contains a high percentage of alcohol. If you want to make your loved ones happy with a specific souvenir that they have probably never tried before, we suggest local Istrian brandy.

Made of baked clay, the “bukaleta” is a traditional Istrian jug in which wine or Istrian soup is served. You will never drink alone from “bukaleta” because it represents friendship, connection and hospitality. “Bukaleta” is specific to this part of Croatia and is a wonderful souvenir that will remind you of Istria.

“Kazuni” are traditional Istrian houses built on the principle of dry stone walls, located in olive groves and fields. They served herders and farmers as a shelter from the sun where they stayed all day. In Istria, you can find “kazun” at every turn, and replica versions of “kazun” are sold as souvenirs.