When talking about Istria, the first thing that comes to mind are beautiful beaches, untouched greenery, top-notch gastronomy and excellent wines. But, apart from all these qualities that have already been listed, you should definitely go visit small, magical towns that Istria is full of, and that hide a handful of historical sights, beautiful little streets and many more interesting things that make Istria as special as it is.

Pula is one of the largest cities in Istria and according to all criteria it meets everything a tourist destination must have. Hidden corners, beautiful architecture, rich history and historical sights make this city an inevitable tourist destination. Of course, the symbol that Pula is worldwide famous for is the amphitheater, which in many cases is also the primary reason for the arrival of many tourists. The amphitheater in Pula is on the UNSECO World Heritage List, and it ranks 6th among the largest Roman amphitheaters in the world in terms of size. However, apart from the amphitheater, Pula has a lot more to offer, and some of the other sights are the Golden Gate, i.e. the Arch of Sergius, the Temple of Augustus, a small Roman theater, the Kastel, etc. Also, during the summer, the city is filled with various events, the most famous of which is “Pula film festival" or “film under the stars" held in the amphitheater. Museums, excellent taverns and restaurants and diverse activities enrich Pula and make it a desirable town to visit.

Rovinj is certainly one of the most famous cities in Istria. This city has received a lot of media attention due to numerous festivals, luxury hotels and as a destination for shooting action movies. However, in addition to all of the above, the town of Rovinj, which was an island until 1763. is also known to many because of one of the most beautiful old town centers that curved over the city. The narrow streets of the old town with its colorful houses, and the beautiful coves and beaches located not far from the center have been a real delight for tourists during the years, and whoever visits Rovinj once will definitely come back. This city is also rich in historical sights, and the most famous is the Church of St. Euphemia. Top restaurants and bars complete the tourist offer and make Rovinj an indispensable destination on the largest Croatian peninsula.

Another picturesque town on the Adriatic coast that has recently become an essential destination for many visitors. Interesting alleys lead to numerous historical sights that speak of a rich history. The most famous is the Euphrasian Basilica, which has been listed on World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO, but in addition to it, Poreč also has medieval ramparts, the Round Tower, the Pentagonal Tower, the Istrian Assembly, the Great Neptune Temple and the Marafor. For those who want a slightly more active vacation, Poreč also offers various activities such as riding bicycles by the sea, various sea sports, walking along the promenade next to the sea, etc. Dino Park is also one of the must-see attractions, especially for those who decide to go on a family vacation.

Beauty and history make Labin special for visitors who come from various parts of the world to enjoy the magic of this small town. Labin is located on a hill and connects seventeen settlements. When visiting Labin, it is inevitable to walk through the old town, which is full of old palaces, the most famous of which is the Podesta Palace located on Old Square, the palace once served as the city administration and court, and there is even a prison in the underground of the palace. It is also essential to visit the city walls and gates, the city lodge and the city library. Labin was famous for mining, so even though most of the mines were closed in the past, the town has many elements that remind of the occupation it was known for in the past. You can also visit the National Museum in Labin, where there is an improvised mine in order to show people at least a part of the daily life that the Labin miners went through. It is important to mention that Labin is only a few kilometers from the sea and Rabac, a small tourist fishing town known for its beautiful beaches and good entertainment. For those who want to spend their vacation a little more active, they can go to the Sentona trail, which leads along the stream from the old town in Labin all the way to the coast of Rabac.

Located on a hill in the northern part of Istria, and surrounded by vineyards, this medieval town has many visitors from various parts of the world. Motovun is full of myths and legends, and to get to this small town marked by Romanesque and Gothic architecture, you can climb the longest Istrian stairs. If you find yourself in Motovun, it is inevitable to go see the Motovun bell tower, which is as high as 27 meters. In addition to the bell tower, the city walls and the main city gate along with a handful of other historical sights make this small town magical for everyone who visits it. In addition to exploring the beautiful vineyards that Motovun is surrounded by, the beautiful Motovun forest is also an indispensable part of the whole experience. In addition to its extraordinary buildings and magical nature, Motovun is also known for events such as Truffle Days, which offer the opportunity to taste gourmet specialties prepared with truffles, and the Motovun Film Festival.