One of the most beautiful National Parks, Brijuni, consists of 14 islands and islets, of which Mali and Veliki Brijun stand out the most. Veliki Brijun is the largest island and offers numerous interesting attractions that you should definitely see. One of those attractions are the dinosaur footprints in as many as four locations on Veliki Brijun. In addition to dinosaur footprints, it is inevitable to go see one of the oldest olive trees in our area, which has been in Brijuni for more than 1,600 years and is still bearing fruit. You certainly cannot go to Brijuni without visiting the wonderful safari, the boat house and the Mediterranean gardens. It is also interesting that Tito’s Cadillac is located right on Veliki Brijun and can be rented. There are many more attractions that Veliki Brijun hides, but you can also go to this island just to enjoy the peace and untouched nature.

According to legend, Hum, or the smallest city in the world, was created from the stones that remained after the cities in the Mirna valley were built by giants. This small town has only about thirty inhabitants, but that’s what makes it special. At the very entrance to the city there is the Gate of Hum, that lead to a small square. Inside the city is the Church of the Exaltation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a bell tower that can be climbed. The church lodge, and the church of St. Jeronima, which is known for its Glagolitic inscriptions and frescoes, are also some of the interesting things that make this city an interesting destination. If you are in this special town, it is inevitable to try biska, a traditional Istrian schnapps which is a symbol of Hum.

The ruins of the medieval city of Dvigrad have been an attraction for visitors of Istria for a long time. It is interesting that this city was not destroyed by force, but simply abandoned, and thus it fell into ruin over the years. There is also a legend about this “ghost town" that says that the British pirate Henry Morgan buried his treasure here, which has not yet been found. Dvigrad is really a special experience that is worth visiting and seeing the church of St. Sofia and St. Agate and other ruins that testify of the rich history and former life in this abandoned town.


Cave – Grotta Baredine, whose depth is 132 meters, has been open to the public since 1995. The tour for tourists is made possible by a path that goes through five halls to a depth of 60 meters, and reveals the secrets of the underground world. While getting to know this geomorphological monument, you will encounter stalagmites and stalactites, various forms created from sag pillars, human fish and other animals that inhabit this pit. There is also a legend about this cave that tells about a nobleman and a shepherdess who fell in love but his mother was against it and ordered bandits to kill the shepherdess. Instead of killing the shepherdess, the robbers threw her into the pit, and it is believed that her petrified body still travels to the bottom of the pit and can be seen during a visit.

The observatory in Višnjan has been operating for forty long years. This observatory discovered a large number of small bodies of the Solar System, which are their primary area of work, but in addition, the observatory also conducts a number of educational programs. The observatory located in this small town was ranked high on the world list. Group visits to the observatory last throughout the year, while individuals can visit it in the summer period. If you are in Istria and are looking for a little more active and interesting attractions, this will definitely be one of them.