If you are in Istria and you are a fan of adrenaline, the zipline above Pazinska jama is the right thing for you. It consists of four lines, the first two are 80 meters long, the third is 220 meters and reaches a speed of 40 km/h, and the fourth is 280 meters with a speed of up to 50 km/h. Certainly an unforgettable adrenaline experience, which offers a unique view of the pit, the castle and the largest city in the county of Istria.

Zip line Pazinska jama

As everyone already knows, the truffle is the gastronomic treasure of Istria, for which Istria is known around the world. Several types of truffles grow throughout the year around Istria. This activity has been a tradition for people from this area for many years, and if you want to get acquainted with the tradition and culture of Istria, truffle hunting is definitely one of the things you should try. Several families in Istria offer truffle hunting services.

Truffle hunt in Istria

Vodnjan is a small Istrian place that is considered very special in many ways. There is also the church of St. Blaž, which is the largest parish church in Istria. In the church, there are over a hundred relics, some of which include the veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the bones of the apostles, the thorn of Jesus’ crown, and many others. But the most interesting thing is that there are also preserved bodies or body parts of ten saints. The biggest mystery is how are the bodies are still preserved, some even with internal organs since they were never embalmed. Visits are possible with prior notice.

Relics in Vodnjan

Istria is known for many things, and one of them is the film festival in Pula. It has been held once a year since 1954. The Pula Arena provides a magical feeling with the screenings of films from the program and the awarding of numerous awards under the stars. The Motovun Film Festival is also one of the famous film festivals in Istria, which has been held since 1999. Although the Pula Film Festival is much more glamorous, Motovun Film Festival’s other features make it special and it is based on films created in small and independent productions. Both events are special and unforgettable and definitely worth a visit.

Pula film fest


Adrenaline lovers can find it at another location, in the small Istrian town of Glavani, where one of the largest adrenaline parks in Croatia is located. Three paths two, six and ten meters high, a zipline and a bridge with a unicycle, Qucik jump, an eleven-meter high swing and a human catapult are just some of the attractions that Glavani Park offers.

Adrenaline park Glavani Park

It is already well known that Istria is rich in natural beauties that should definitely be visited. Some of these natural beauties are beautiful waterfalls. This peninsula is full of them, and one of the most beautiful is the Sopot waterfall, which is as high as 25 meters. The waterfall can be reached by two paths, the path of St. Simun, which is longer and more demanding, but offers a view of many natural sights and the path of St. Roka which is significantly shorter so that the path to the waterfall is as short as possible. Another place worth visiting is Kotli, a small place in the center of Istria full of larger and smaller waterfalls. For those who want a bit of adventure, you can also get to Kotli via the path “seven waterfalls”, which is the most beautiful footpath in Istria. Zarečki krov and Benkovski waterfall should also be mentioned, which, like the previous two, you can visit at any time of the year and be delighted by the beauty of this magical region.

Waterfalls in Istria

Cicarija, Ucka and central Istria have many peaks that are particularly interesting for mountaineers. Many hiking trails lead to these peaks, which offer wonderful views to remember. The most impressive and at the same time the highest peak of Učka and Istria is Vojak, which is as high as 1401 meters. The Korita trail is also a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts. The trail is located on Ćićarija and can be used to reach the peak of Brajko, which is located at a height of 1091 meters.

Natural park Učka

Small stone houses built on the principle of dry stone, or kazuni, are characteristic for Istria and are an inevitable part of the Istrian tradition. Kazuni are located in the fields, and they served to give the farmers a rest and shelter from the heat. The largest number of kazuni are found in Istria, and for this reason the “Kazuni Park" was created near Vodnjan, the primary goal of which is to clarify the construction of kazuni. This attraction is very interesting for various visitors because, in addition to viewing various kazuni, interested visitors can also try their hand at building dry walls.

Kažuni in Istria

Top quality wines and beautiful vineyards are one of the many characteristics of Istria. If you are in Istria and are looking for some interesting activities, you must go on a trip to one of the Istrian wineries. Winery Kozlovic, Kabola, Roxanich, Clai and Dvorac Belaj are just some of the Istrian wineries where, in addition to the wines, you will also enjoy the view and the atmosphere and learn a little more about Istrian wines.

Winery in Istria

Full-day boat trips are one of the integral parts of the tourist offer in Istria, and we suggest that you set aside one day to go on it. In every coastal town in Istria, so in Fazana, Rovinj, Porec, Vrsar, Medulin, Novigrad and many other places, full-day boat trips are offered. There are many different offers for such excursions, and most often they are a tour of the surrounding towns or islands and islets by boat with food and drink included, or a trip by boat to watch the sunset and dolphins. Certainly one of the unforgettable experiences in this wonderful little region.