Although Istria is beautiful at any time of the year, due to the favorable climate, beautiful vegetation and magical beaches, it is a particularly attractive destination during the summer period.
This unique region is full of beautiful beaches, and below we list five of the most beautiful that we definitely think you must visit.

    The beautiful Katoro beach is located in the village of the same name, which is located 3 km away from Umag. The beach is surrounded by greenery and has a rocky, concrete and gravel part. It is an ideal location for families with children and younger and older visitors. In addition to the beautiful sea and excellent landscaping, Katoro beach also offers a variety of activities. In addition to swimming in the sea, you have the option of relaxing on sunbeds on the beautiful beach, and those who want a more active vacation can try their hand at a beach volleyball tournament that is often held there or play a game of tennis. Adrenaline lovers can enjoy jet-skiing and other various water sports. The beach also has a shop and plenty of bars if you want to hide from the sun and enjoy in the beach bar with your favorite cocktail in hand. A special attraction is the aquagan, which is located on the beach and delights visitors of all ages. Also, the beach is marked with the Blue Flag, which is a symbol of the quality of service and the cleanliness of the sea.
Katoro beach in Umag
    Located in Verudela, near the beautiful Pula, which is considered one of the most popular destinations in Istria, there is this magical beach. Surrounded by rocks, this pebble beach with a beautiful clear sea is one of the most visited in this area. The beach is intended for all ages, and it has a gradual entrance to the sea, so it is also ideal for families with children. Those looking for adrenaline can try jumping from the rocks that surround this beautiful beach. However, the beach is still the most popular among young people because of the occasional big waves and the aforementioned rocks that offer a dose of adrenaline. Near the beach, there are bars where you can spend beautiful sunny days by the sea and your favorite drink.
    Cape Kamenjak nature park near Pula is definitely a must-see destination during your stay because of the beautiful sea and untouched greenery. If you are a fan of wild beaches that are not crowded with tourists, this is the place for you. At the entrance to Cape Kamenjak, you must buy a ticket, and there you get a list of beaches on which it is written for whom they are suitable for. There are really many of them in this special little place and we definitely think that everyone will find something for themselves. One of the advantages is that you can visit several beaches during your stay until you find your ideal one, and when you find one, we promise you that you will be amazed by the immense beauty of the sea and the beach’s surroundings. Diving is also popular in this area due to the beautiful seabed, and surfing enthusiasts also have ideal conditions in this area.
    Lanterna beach is located in Porec, in the area of the tourist resort and hotel. Through a beautiful forest, you reach the beach. It is ideal for families with children and all other visitors of various ages. The beach offers the possibility of different sports on the beach and on the water. Due to the large and varied tourist offer, we are convinced that everyone will find something for themselves here. Part of the beach is pebbled and landscaped, but there is also a rocky part for lovers of wild beaches. If you have decided to spend your vacation with a pet, you will be delighted that this area also has a separate beach for dogs. Since there is a tourist resort nearby, you can also find animators on the beach who will do their best not to let you get bored. The quality of service and the cleanliness of the sea and many other top standards are responsible for the Blue Flag that this beach has.
Lanterna beach in Porec
    Girandella beach is located near the small town of Rabac, which stands out for its immense beauty. Girandella is a beautiful pebble beach that is intended for all ages. Enough content for everyone enables all-day enjoyment for adults and the youngest of visitors. Sunbeds, various water sports, volleyball, picigin and other sports activities are just some of the choices of the rich tourist offer. Also, a traditional festival is held on the beach during the summer months, so party lovers can come and have fun. Next to the beach, there is a promenade for lovers of recreational activities. It is especially important to emphasize that one part of the beach is specially adapted for people with disabilities. Due to the quality of the offer and the cleanliness of the sea, the Blue Flag is also awarded this beach.
Girandella beach in Rabac