COVID 19 -Free Cancellation

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, there is a special cancellation policy.
In this regulation, you can cancel your booking in case of border clusures without losing your deposit.
In that case, we give you the possibility to move your booking to another available date in 2021 or 2022 and use your already payed deposit as credit. The credit will be valid for 18 months.

We can also offer another accommodation in accordance with the house owners (only in case the already booked villa is not available for the new requested dates), most of our villas owners are very understanding and flexible.

We’ve listened and responded to many of our customes concerns so we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions.

WiiBuk team agents will respond, usually within an hour, to assist you in finding the suitable alternative if necessary, or just to answer any questions.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What with balance payment in case of border closure?
We will be moving an existing booking with the appropriate balance due date to a later date with the same conditions. With no price increase (with exception of different seasonal prices).

2. I have been offered an WiiBuk credit – how can I use this?
The WiiBuk credit will be valid for 18 months( between date of cancellation and new reservation date the max. difference must not exceed 18 months). You will be able to use it towards the cost of booking for the booked villa.

3. I would like my money refunded rather than moving my booking
WiiBuk Villas acts as a named agent for the owner of villas and on receipt of payments these are sent to the property owner to confirm the booking, hence we no longer have the funds. We have worked with most of our owners for many years and the majority are very understanding and flexible with offering alternative dates for your booking, or an Wiibuk credit to the value of your payments made.

4. Can we claim on our Travel Insurance if we cancel?
This will depend on the ‘small print’ of the Insurance Policy you took out. Most policies taken out before March 14, 2020, will include cover for travel disruption or epidemics but you need to check with your provider.

5. What if I just don’t feel I want to travel this year?
If travel is deemed safe, then our booking conditions will still apply.

If you have a booking made before 10th September 2020 our standard General Terms and Conditions for cancellation will be applied

We thank you for your understanding during this very worrying time for all and very much hope that life will return to normal as quickly as possible!